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Beginner Golf Series Part 4: Trying Different Type of Shots with Golf Equipment

 Golf is more than just swinging and making contact with the ball; it is a game of skill involving a series of complex techniques to successfully complete the game. Using the appropriate swing to achieve a shot is a technique to be mastered in order to become a champion in the sport – or at least play a consistent game.

The most common types of golf shots are explained below. Golf practice equipment can assist new golfers to become proficient with each one – when to use it, how to position the body, and how to follow through.

The Tee Shot
The game begins with the tee shot using the club known as a driver (i.e. 1-wood) for long holes and an iron for shallower holes. Golf practice equipment will help you correct your swing to ensure that the correct form is being used from the start.

The Fairway Shot
The fairway shot is performed with a fairway wood and is similar to a drive. Since a tee cannot be used once the ball has been put into play it is more challenging to progress. Irons are usually used on the fairway; however, wedges are commonly used in the rough. To master this shot correctly it is advisable to use golf practice equipment.

The Bunker Shot
Bunker shots are one of the more difficult shot in the game. Bunker shots resemble a Pitch (see below) and are require the use of a wedge. Instructors frequently suggest the use of the Up & Down Sand and Putting Aid to golfers seeking golf practice equipment to enhance your skills for this shot.

The Pitch
The wedge is used for the Pitch, which is a high-flying shot with little roll that stops as soon as it touches ground. Golf practice equipment will help you develop proper body alignment to become skilled at this shot.

The Flop
The Flop occurs when a golfer has to overcome an obstacle on the course. This shot flies higher than the Pitch and rolls slightly when hitting the ground. This shot uses a sand wedge or a lob wedge and can be improved by the use of golf practice equipment.

The Chip
The Chip is a low, shallow shot that rolls out onto the green. It requires the use of a “short” iron. Golf practice equipment can assist you with fine tuning this shot to perfection.

The Sand Shot
The Sand Shot is exactly as it sounds; a shot taken from the bunker when your ball strays from the green. This shot commonly calls for the use of a wedge. Using golf practice equipment like the Up & Down Sand and Putting Aid can turn this challenging shot into an act of second nature.

The Putt
The Putt signifies the final approach to a hole; however, the Putt can be used throughout an entire game. The Putt is not a dramatic shot but a highly skilled one, which can be enhanced with the use of golf practice equipment.