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Beginner Golf Series Part 5: Golf Swing Training Aids Reviews for Hitting Bunker Shots

 The most intimidating shot for novice golfers would be the green side bunker shot. Thoughts of skulling it across the green and leaving it in the sand send shivers of dread through inexperienced golfers. A little practice and the proper technique will have you giving lessons on how to hit a bunker shot.
Learning how to hit a bunker shot is not nearly as scary as it seems. Consider using a golf swing training aid so that you can effectively improve problem areas. To find the best golfing aid be sure to read golf swing training aid reviews; a general golf swing training aid may not be enough. You may be in need of a more tailored golf aid that hones in on a specific skill or shot.

The first step is in the selection of your club; a sand or lob wedge with a medium to high bounce is preferable. Then stand a little closer to your ball than when you normally swing. Make sure that the ball is positioned in the center of your stance while aiming to the left of your target if you are a right handed golfer (left handed golfers should aim to the right). Be sure to open your stance.

Lightly shuffle your feet for increased traction, but be careful not to “dig in” too much because it will alter your plane. Make sure that your clubface is open and pointing straight up while shifting your weight towards your forward foot.

A typical swing forms the shape of a “U;” in this shot you are striving for a “V” arc. Begin your backswing with and immediate hinge of the wrists while turning your shoulders and lifting your arms straight up and keeping your lower body still during the swing. The downswing, ideally, will follow a steep path comparable to the backswing. You should aim to splash two to three inches in the sand behind the ball. Your club will glide through the sand as you accelerate, completing your swing with a high follow through. The ball should come out soft and high.
What are your tricks for hitting bunker shots? Leave your expert tips in the comments below!