Shave 5 Strokes in 5 Minutes - Guaranteed

Beginner Golf Series Part 6: Mastering the Putting Game with a Golf Swing Training Aid

 More time is spent putting during a golf game than people realize. Putting involves minimal power, little body movement, a completely different grip, and the ball is never air bound – at least it shouldn’t be. Even with less dramatic activity in a putting game there is still a high level of skill and control required.

A golf swing training aid will assist you in properly controlling speed and direction of your shots. Learn how to shave strokes off your game in record time using a golf swing training aid while improving your stance, set up, and follow through.

Visualize the Ball
Even though a golf swing training aid will greatly improve your putting game there are other considerations when mastering a putting game. A putting game is more mental than physical where confidence plays a major part in your success. Avoid letting failed putts from the past haunt your concentration in the present. As cliché as it may sound, you truly need to “see” the ball and its successful journey in your mind’s eye. They say seeing is believing and many a golf pro will agree.

Take Note of Your Environment
It is also important to develop good judgment when assessing the conditions and contours of the green; be observant of the details surround your shot and its path. Pay attention to the things you never considered before like to slight increase or decrease in elevation of the green or whether there is a tilt to the plane.

These few thought and visual skill paired with a golf swing training aid will guide you to becoming king or queen of the putting game.

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