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Golf Practice Equipment that Tackles Difficult Shots

Golf Practice Equipment - Be an Up & Down GolferYou can play an almost perfect round of golf, but if you get hung up with one or two difficult shots, the rest of your shots are for naught. Maybe you missed your mark on the green and now need to putt from 75 feet. Or, you totally sliced a shot and are stuck with a blast from upslope in the bunker. The key to success when you find yourself in this type of scenario is having the knowledge to complete such a difficult shot.

So, how do you get the knowledge and perfect these difficult shots? The easy answer is with practice. Certain types of golf practice equipment are designed to aid you with all areas of your game. Let’s start with some of the best golf training aids that can help you come up against those difficult putts.

75-foot Putt & Double Breaking Putt
Two types of putts that can be of the most difficult variety include the 75-foot putt, which we touched on already, as well as a double-breaking putt. When it comes to mastering these two tough putts, you’re going to want to utilize some golf practice equipment that will give you the confidence to sink these putts when you come across them in an actual round of play. You’ll want to practice them with one of the best golf training aids on the market. One such training aid is the Up and Down, which allows you to set up a chalk outline for your backswing and follow through, for each specific distance you are putting. With the help of this training aid, tackling the 75-foot putt and the double-breaking putt will become easier.

Sand Shots
Now, into the sand. You’ve managed to get stuck in the bunker. When you find yourself in a bunker shot situation, such as a bunker blast from a downhill lie, or a plugged bunker lie, escaping the sand with one shot can be tough going. Using golf practice equipment like the Up and Down will give you the knowledge and skills to escape the bunker. Designed especially for bunker shots, the Up and Down creates a rectangular outline around your ball, with a diagonal horizontal line for your swing path. Remove the rectangle of sand with your shot, and you should find your ball flying out of the sand and away from danger.

When you find yourself in those not-so-easy shots, remember, practice makes perfect. Repeating those shots over and over using golf practice equipment will go a long way in giving you the confidence to sink those putts and escape the bunker.