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The sand shot is one of the most intimidating shots in golf. Yet even though it gives the largest margin of error in the game, it is one of the easiest shots when approached correctly. You may find yourself asking, how can I get out of the bunker and still score well?The answer is simple: join the scoring revolution and become an Up & Down golfer!


Golf Practice Equipment to Improve Your Sand Game


The Up & Down Training Aid is the most effective golf equipment for beginners and experienced golfers wanting to improve their sand game. It is simple, visual, and compact, teaching golfers how to perfect their swing in the sand or on the putting green and reduce their number of strokes. With the Up & Down golf practice equipment, you will shave 5 strokes in 5 minutes, guaranteed!


Try out this beginner golf practice equipment and watch your game change forever! Start by stamping the patent pending rectangle design into the sand. Align your clubface with the line behind the ball, and swing following the directional line. The Up & Down beginner golf equipment teaches golfers the key to a successful sand shot – not making direct contact with the ball, but rather removing a rectangle of sand from beneath it. This action lifts the ball out of the sand and onto the green in one simple stroke.


The Up & Down is also ideal golf equipment for beginners to improve their putting skills. Trace the outline of the rectangle in chalk and extend the horizontal lines to the appropriate length for your putting distance. The Up & Down teaches control and speed to sink putts consistently.


Build your confidence in the sand and change your game for good with the Up & Down golf equipment for beginners! Order this revolutionary scoring aid today!

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