Shave 5 Strokes in 5 Minutes - Guaranteed



Take the fear out of hitting sand shots with one of the most revolutionary training aids for golf swing! The Up & Down Training Aid is a simple, visual tool compact enough to tote in your golf bag. Using the Up & Down Training aid is easy, and teaches you how to improve your shot both in the sand and on the putting green. Learn to make tough putts consistently and change your golf game for good!


Swing Aids for Golf: The Sand Shot


While other training aids for golf swing focus solely on success on the green, the Up & Down Training Aid is a more well rounded tool. Half the number of shots in the game of golf occur around the green. Instead of fearing the sand shot, embrace it – the Up & Down Golfer will shave 5 strokes off of your game in 5 minutes, guaranteed!



How to Use the Up & Down Training Aid for Golf Swing


The idea behind the Up & Down Training aid for golf revolves around simplicity and visual learning. To succeed on a sand shot, the key is to remove the sand from beneath the ball without even thinking about the ball itself. That’s where the visual aspect of this training aids for golf swing comes into play. First, stamp the rectangular pattern of the Up & Down into the sand. Next, square up your clubface with the line behind the ball. As you swing and follow the directional line in the rectangle, you simultaneously remove the sand from under the ball, propelling your shot into the clear and towards the hole.


You can also use the Up & Down to practice on the putting green. The golf swing training aid comes with chalk to outline the patent pending rectangle design, aligning the directional arrow towards the hole. Choose an appropriate outline depending on the length of your shot, and watch your skill and control improve!


Become an Up & Down golfer and join the scoring revolution! Don’t wait - order yours today!

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