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A large part of what I do for my job involves client entertainment, and that means a lot of golf with my clients around the country. It's pretty embarrassing when I find myself in the sand, and have no way out! It kills my score, and can take some fun out of what is supposed to be an enjoyable time with my customers. When Mr. Helstrom invited me to try Up and Down, I was very skeptical, as even professional instruction could not help my sand game. The first time I tried it, not only did I get out of the sand, I came with 2 feet of the cup! 4 out of the next 5 shots i succeeded in getting out. This device works! If it can help me, it can help anyone!



Wayne Srsen

I’ve stuggled getting out of the sand trap the past several years.  The harder I tried to correct my problem, the worse things got.  A friend of mine had the Up and Down training tool hanging from his golf bag.  He showed it to me and explained the concept.  The explanation alone instantly made things better.  I’ve  have since worked with the tool and it has drasitcally improved my sand play.  I use to fear the sand trap and now I embrace it.


Mark Kiesow

I've been playing golf for 30 years but not until I tried Up And Down have I ever understood how it feels to hit a sand shot correctly.  The pattern it makes in the sand shows you not only the correct alignment, but how much sand should be removed compared with how much sand you are actually removing.  It only took about five swings before it clicked for me. 


David J. McKinley, Esq.

Thank you for your interest in the only sand, putting and driving training-aid on the market!


In my years of teaching golf lessons and observing the pro’s, I noticed that the golf industry was lacking a multi-use training-aid including the sand game. The common trend in golf training-aids on the market is they are typically cumbersome, difficult to learn or master and consistently fail to give the user a “visual” aid. They may be effective on the driving range and yield some results, but they lack the ability to produce “REAL results” on the course.


While attending a 2011 teaching seminar in Las Vegas, I realized the industry needed a better way to help students with their sand game. Upon returning from the seminar, my mind was overflowing with ideas. I was determined to develop a sand game training-aid that REALLY WORKED and give the golfer the “visual” component they need to succeed in the bunker and putting green as well as on the driving range.



After developing the prototype for the UP&DOWN training aid, I had hundreds of golfers, instructors, and students testing the product to see if they would see “real” results. The response was overwhelming! The golfers were enthusiastically telling me, “it saved me strokes immediately! It REALLY works!” Shortly after, I decided to develop and market the UP&DOWN; thus bringing this “real results” training-aid into the hands of ANYONE wanting to use a visual training aid that saves strokes off of their game immediately.


After developing and manufacturing the UP&DOWN I was continuing to research the sand when I came across an excerpt from Jack Nicklaus book “Golf My Way”. Back in 1967, golf master, Jack Nicklaus describes how his coach, Jack Grout, instructed him to improve his sand game. The UP&DOWN training-aid brings his instructor’s concept to life; giving the golfer a tangible tool to have success like Jack. Essentially, the UP&DOWN is like having Jack Nicklaus right there with you! Take a look at and excerpt from Jack’s book, “Golf My Way”-

“Thus, the first new concept he put in my mind that evening was one of removing a section of sand, rather than of hitting to a point in the sand. You’ll get the idea if you picture the ball on the sand in the center of, say, a 6-inch-long-by-3-inch-wide rectangle. You’re now going to remove not the ball but the rectangle of sand beneath it, to a depth of, say, half an inch. And you’re going to do this on every shot where the ball is lying cleanly, varying the height and distance of each shot by the amount you open the clubface and the length or force of your swing.”

Your golf game is my passion. –Jeff Helstrom,

Golf Instructor/CEO of TheGolfZone/Inventor of the UP&DOWN

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